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“Privacy Issues Raise Concerns for Remote Sensing” POB article written by Tully & Pomfret

Kevin Pomfret, President of GeoLaw, P.C., and Mike Tully, President & CEO of Aerial Services have co-written a special piece for Point of Beginning (POB) Online titled, “Privacy Issues Raise Concerns for Remote Sensing”.  The article explores the conflicting prospectives when looking at the issue of UAS in geospatial, the problem of communicating what geospatial actually is as technology advances, understanding what the current law says, and the fact worries around geospatial affiliated UAS is really only the beginning of privacy and geospatial concerns.

Here is a snippet:

“There are two distinct conversations currently taking place with regard to UAS and privacy. One discussion is taking place within the very active privacy community. This discussion consists chiefly of privacy advocates, lawyers and policymakers. Some of these have an engineering and technical background, but very few of them have a deep understanding of geospatial technology. Fewer still understand remote sensing.

There is a second discussion taking place within a narrow segment of the geospatial community. Many of those taking part in this discussion have a deep understanding of geospatial technology in general and remote sensing in particular. Some are familiar with the few Supreme Court decisions addressing remote sensing and privacy. However, there are less who appreciate the changing perception of privacy in a public space or recent trends in privacy laws.”

You can read the entire article “Privacy Issues Raise Concerns for Remote Sensing” at POB Online.


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