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2015 Goldstar Champion!

2015 Goldstar Champion!

At Aerial Services, our expectation is that giving recognition is not an optional activity, but an integral part of our organization’s strategy, specifically linked to achieving the company’s goals and a part of living out its values. We created a Goldstar Recognition Program where employees are in charge of awarding each other for going ‘above & beyond’ in their job position throughout the year. At the end of the year, a Goldstar Champion is chosen out of all the individuals who received recognition throughout the year. The overall Goldstar winner receives $500 cash and a certificate of recognition at the yearly Christmas Party. The following are the individuals who received the Goldstar award in 2015: Amy Vossberg, Anna Pestereva, Robert Holloway (Spuds), Amee Barrett, Emily Kramer, Garrett Ramthun, Adam Damon, and Lance Martens

Out of all these outstanding employees, the Goldstar Champion award for 2015 goes to Amee Barrett! Below are all the incredible comments that her fellow employees had to say about her contributions to Aerial Services:

“Amee always completes tasks fully and often ahead of schedule. She will come in early or stay late to finish her work and is friendly and helpful to everyone in the office. Her outgoing personality and strong leadership skills are an asset our company can’t afford to lose. Beyond her likable personality is a mind that solves problems and doesn’t give up easily. Amee is more than just a reliable scanner, she also loves learning new skills and programs. I see her as an important and dedicated member of the production team for years to come and I hope you will consider her for this award.” 

“Amee always has the most positive attitude. She truly loves her job and takes pride working for Aerial Services.”

“Amee took over scanning this year for the USDA NRI/SLI program, jumped in with both feet even though she did not have a geography or photogrammetry background.”

“She has worked large amounts of overtime to make sure shipments are on time. She has rearranged her schedule and taken odd days off to eliminate unnecessary overtime as well. Not all employees can do this and it should be recognized that she does what it takes for the good of the company at the expense of her own personal life.”

“She has trained several full time and temp staff on the procedures needed to make this project a success.”

“She is quick to ask question and get answers when problems arise or if she doesn’t understand something. The scanning technicians have all expressed great things about her leadership skills and ability to work proficiently with a team.”

Amee, Aerial Services is happy to have you aboard! Thank you for your dedication, positive attitude, and reliability!

Amanda Hoppes is the Marketing Manager at Aerial Services. With a BS in Technical Communications, she focuses on technical writing and marketing strategies. Amanda's goal is to 'wear many hats' within the company she works for. She believes having employees who know not only their job, but others' as well, help build a strong and successful business.


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