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Company Profile

Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) is an integrated team of professionals providing premier Aerial Acquisition, Digital Ortho, Vector Mapping, Terrain & LiDAR services to government, utilities, engineers, and other geospatial clients. Based in the Iowa heartland for nearly half a century, Aerial Services’ resilient work ethic, cutting-edge technology, and experienced staff combine to harness the power of geographic information and provide solutions you need.

Established Provider That Delivers

Aerial Services, Inc. is an established provider of customized geospatial solutions. With an integrated team of professional technicians, Aerial Services will exceed your expectations while delivering on promises. Their experience with and mastery of emerging technology ensures your project is accurate, on-time, and within budget. Learn more about their history.

Accuracy Means Value

Your geospatial data is only as valuable as its accuracy. Aerial Services concentrates on providing services valued by you. They provide you with the most accurate information possible. There are many providers of aerial imagery, mapping, and GIS solutions, but why would you trust your project to just any provider? Accuracy means value and value means Aerial Services.

Start To Finish They Make Your Life Easier

Aerial Services takes your mapping project from initial concept to final application. They’ll start by working with you to determine your specific needs. Then, depending on your requirements, they’ll deploy flight crews to acquire aerial photography, execute post-process of imagery, develop scalable maps, output data for you and your colleagues to access, or create unique software to solve a problem. No matter what your project requires they will make it a success from start to finish.

Help You Need – When You Need It

Aerial Services works with you to ensure your mapping objectives are achieved. They’ll ask the right questions to develop a plan of action that meets your needs. Then they will deliver on those promises. They know you’ll have questions, so they are always accessible to answer all of your inquiries. If changes in plans arise, they’ll make it right by working with you to create an acceptable solution.

Certified & Licensed Employees Working On Your Project

Aerial Services’ hard-working staff of professional photogrammetrists, surveyors, computer professionals, GIS specialists, aerial photographers, and pilots are among the best at developing geospatial services. Many employees have been with the company for decades and hold degrees, licenses, and certifications in their areas of specialty. This commitment to excellence is shown with Certified Photogrammetrists (CP) and Licensed Surveyors on staff.

Current Technology Solving Your Problems

Technology is always evolving in the geospatial industry and so is Aerial Services. They embrace useful technology to increase the efficiency of your project. Plus, it allows them to provide value added options and develop custom software suites derived from technological advances. This foresight into what is next makes your investment more useful and ensures your organization is prepared for the future. Find out about their technology.

Resilient Work Ethic Means Success

Located in the charming Midwestern town of Cedar Falls, Iowa, Aerial Services has become a trusted provider of geospatial solutions. This allows them to provide all of the services of the large geospatial providers with the attention to detail and personal service of smaller operations. Their nearly half a century of experience backs up this claim with repeat customers from utility giants, engineering firms, all levels of government, and many other sectors.