Acquisition Completed For 2009 Iowa Statewide Orthoimagery Ahead Of Schedule

Aerial Services successfully completed acquisition of the 2009 project area for the Iowa Statewide Orthoimagery program during the last week of April. This was ahead of the expected May 2009 deadline.

The two foot pixel resolution project, covering 41 Iowa counties in 2009 and another 41 in 2010 (pending funding), will complete a statewide coverage. The State will then be making the imagery available to the public for use in their geospatial applications along with a number of applicable governmental purposes.

The speedy acquisition in Spring 2009 was enabled by swift work done by Aerial Services and their subcontractor Pixxures, Inc. Weather provided sufficient flight days/times and the team made efficient use of time. Further, minimal delay was caused by equipment issues, as Aerial Services’ new Leica ADS80 sensor performed well.

Raw orthophotography have been provided to the State for initial review. Next, Aerial Services will proceed with the actual orthoimagery processing, starting nearly a month ahead of schedule.

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