Aerial Services Marketing & Sales Coordinator’s Helpful Nature Shows

Amy Vossberg - Above and BeyondAerial Services’ Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Amy Vossberg, was awarded Aerial Services’ Above & Beyond award on December 13, 2013, for “Commitment To Helpful Support for Marketing, Accounting, & Much More”.

Amy handles a number of important tasks within the company typically surrounding Marketing, Sales, and Accounting tasks, but she also completes a number of other items. When asked to describe Amy, staff raise her organization, great ideas, multi-tasking, kindness, service with a smile, and knowledge of her job as just a few of the descriptors.  As one fellow employee noted, “She does so much here that keeps everything running smoothly so we all can do what we need to do.”
[pullquote]“Amy’s work at the company makes a big difference. She continues to grow and mold into the roles we need to be successful, and because she is multi-talented she can adapt to the sales, marketing, and administrative tasks we need as we need them.” – Mike Tully, President & CEO[/pullquote]
Amy deserves this award and we ask you to please join us in thanking her for her commitment to making Aerial Services and their clients’ projects successful. Congratulations Amy!


The Above & Beyond Award allows Aerial Services’ employees to evaluate their peers and nominate those who produce superior results. The activity is intended to identify those individuals, reward them, and share their stories. All this is ultimately done so Aerial Services continues to excel at our business and bring value to our clients by helping them engage their world in meaningful ways.

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