Aerial Services Strategically Realigns

[pullquote_right]It goes without saying that our focus is clearer and the strategy to achieve our goals has been refined, but more exciting is the energy this very open process has infused into our employees to use over-the-top customer service and to exceed our clients expectations with  innovative, effective solutions. We’re jazzed!” – Mike Tully, President & CEO[/pullquote_right]

In the Fall of 2011, the management team of Aerial Services completed a fresh strategic management plan. Aerial Services’ commitment to their clients was further focused and strengthened with a new Mission, Vision, and Values statement. Each primary goal has an assigned “goal facilitator” who is responsible to regularly report on the tasks associated with the implementation of that goal. The goal facilitators report to the Strategic Plan Administrator and all progress by every employee on each goal is openly reported on the company’s intranet.

Since the planning sessions, decisions by management have been reconsidered and modified to better reflect our values after employees pointed out that the decisions did not align well with our core values. Humble recognition with ourselves (and our clients) of our mistakes and faults at every level of the business is a powerful fuel for building trust and improving communication.


[h3]Mission – Why do we exist?[/h3]

Aerial Services, Inc. delivers customized geospatial solutions with speed, accuracy, innovation and a Midwest service ethic to public and private sectors.

[h3]Vision – What do we hope to achieve?[/h3]

To create compelling visions for our clients to engage their world in meaningful ways.

[h3]Values – What do our employees & services exude?[/h3]


  • Customer Focus
  • Commitment to Quality & Accuracy
  • Accountability
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Integrity, Honesty & Trust
  • Teamwork


[h3]Tagline – How can we summarize Aerial Services’ Mission, Vision, & Values?[/h3]

We deliver sophisticated geospatial solutions with a simple Midwest style.


Aerial Services is proud we have been able to serve clients for nearly 45 years. As we look to the next decade, the company’s goal will be to build off of that history and live out the essence of our new Mission, Vision, & Values in all our business. When doing this we will live up to our reputation, our client’s expectations, and our own high standards. We look forward to working with you!

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