Aerial Services Acquires Flood Imagery After 15″ Overnight Rain In Dubuque, Iowa; Shares With City, County, & Media Within Hours

In response to an unprecedented rain event this week, Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI), aerial photography and geospatial firm based in Cedar Falls, Iowa, acquired, processed, and distributed disaster response imagery of Dubuque, Iowa and the surrounding area.  The area was deluged by 10-15″ of rain during the overnight hours of Wednesday, July 27 – 28, 2011.  The data was offered to City and County officials and members of the media. The imagery was provided as a courtesy in a time of need.

“Aerial Services’ team wishes our best to the citizens in Dubuque after the frightening rainfall this week.  We have done work with Dubuque in the past and wish all there the very best,” stated Mike Tully, Aerial Services’ President & CEO. “Sharing this high-quality imagery is our way to support our friends in the effected area.”  

All images: Copyright 2011 – Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI). All Right Reserved.

Aircraft were deployed from Waverly, Iowa within 12 hours of the flood event, at the earliest possible time after the storm and cloud conditions subsided.  The company acquired 5-inch pixel resolution (GSD) imagery with their Leica ADS80-SH82 imaging sensors. These digital cameras are capable of producing high accuracy orthophotos (RGB+IR) and a variety of other important mapping products.  Imagery was processed at their headquarters in Cedar Falls, Iowa and available to the parties within 24 hours of acquisition.  The City and County received their choice of MrSID of GeoTIFF color mosaics to aid their response to the event.

“Aerial imagery is very useful in post-disaster contexts as it gives the responders an operational prospective on the problems at hand. Long-term, the imagery also assists in reviewing what happened and how communities and businesses can better prepare for such events,” explained Mr. Tully. “Aerial Services central location in the middle of the United States, cutting-edge equipment, efficient production methods, and expert staff enable us to produce this data with speed few others can match, making the data even more valuable to those on the ground.”

If interested in viewing the imagery acquired of the City of Dubuque flood, please visit  You can view static images seen in the media and link to an interactive map which provides web access to the entire dataset to assess the damage.  Additional imagery and data will be posted here as they are available.

If interested in purchasing the data for commercial/mapping use, procuring related mapping products, or gaining rights for use in the media, please contact Joshua McNary, Marketing Manager at or 319-277-0436.


Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI) is an integrated team of professionals providing premier geospatial services and products to government, utilities, engineers, and other customers. Based in the Iowa heartland for over 40 years, Aerial Services’ Midwestern work ethic, cutting-edge technology, and experienced staff combine to harness the power of geographic information and provide solutions you need.

Questions or comments may be directed at Aerial Services’ Marketing Manager, Joshua McNary, at or 319-277-0436.

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