Aerial Services Adds Leica’s ADS80-SH82 Airborne Digital Sensor To Arsenal Of Professional Mapping Tools

The ADS80-SH82 is Leica’s most advanced digital sensor ever. When coupled with their robust software tools, XPro, the sensor can turnaround finished orthophotography to clients faster than any other digital solution on the market. It approaches the speed of one hour of processing for each hour of acquisition. Further, the ADS80 provides a new level of accuracy and detail providing the ability to handle advanced mapping applications.

“Aerial Services is excited to be one of the first to fly with the ADS80. The ADS platform is the most mature digital aerial camera in the market, having proven itself on projects of all sizes for nearly a decade. The new ADS80 model is an incremental improvement on the ADS40 design enabling higher accuracy, greater reliability, better color, and faster acquisition. It helps us and our clients move into the next era of aerial acquisition,” stated Aerial Services’ President & CEO, Mike Tully. “We have deliberated over the decision to go with Leica for some time, and have confidence our clients will be happy with the spatial accuracy and stellar 4-band imagery the ADS80 produces.”

The Leica ADS80-SH82 Airborne Digital Sensor is the profession’s leading “pushbroom” sensor. Rather than acquiring traditional frame based photography, it uses calibrated rows of sensor heads to “scan” the ground in strips of red, green, blue, and near infrared high resolution imagery through a single optical path. This technology, proven by years of use, provides quick acquisition of large areas without the use of “false imagery” tactics like pan-sharpening. Then, Leica’s improved backend software makes the imagery into usable services such as orthophotos. Aerial Services is currently testing the new sensor in their aircraft while adding hundreds of terabytes of storage and processing capacity to their office operations.

Full technical details regarding ADS80 can be found at Leica’s Geosystem’s website at If you would like to learn more about Aerial Services’ capabilities, including acquiring imagery with the Leica ADS80, please visit their website at You may also contact Aerial Services to discuss project quotations, equipment availability, and other mapping questions.



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