Aerial Services’ E-Docs Receives MAPPS Geospatial Products And Services Excellence Award

Cedar Falls, Iowa, July 2007 – The Management Association for Private Photogrammetric Surveyors (MAPPS) has awarded Aerial Services’ “Washington County E-Docs Asset GIS” one of six inaugural Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Awards. Aerial Services’ E-Docs Asset Geographical Information System (GIS) was recognized in the Small Projects category.

“The E-Docs Asset GIS is an innovative browser-based application. Any organization with unstructured digital or paper data can benefit by enabling the information’s geospatial nature using E-Docs. It brings out associations between documents and creates knowledge through a combination of traditional text and geographic search technology using a standard web browser,” stated Mike Tully, Aerial Services’ President & CEO, after accepting the award. “We are honored to be recognized by MAPPS. As our friends in Washington County, Iowa have seen, this solution meets real world organizational needs and truly benefits those with unstructured information.”

The E-Docs Asset GIS combines geospatial and web browser technologies creating a portal to previously unstructured information that is traditionally locked away in file cabinets and storage rooms. Because an estimated 80% of all information has a geospatial component, relating data geospatially allows unlimited quantities of information to be searched and retrieved upon request and adds location to traditional information analysis, retrieval, and visualization. Thousands of original paper and digital records residing within the Washington County Engineer’s office were consolidated into a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective GIS based on the ESRI platform.

Aerial Services uses several techniques to enable efficient indexing and geospatial referencing of information. Compressed scans of historical documents, viewable to the user with a click of their mouse, removes the need for expensive data entry. To insure all future information can be incorporated into the GIS, additional tools are included to make updates to the database easy. This innovative combination of current scanning technology, compression techniques, and existing geospatial concepts make E-Docs a powerful information management system.

There are additional benefits to E-Docs beyond simply organizing data. All assets are archived in a digital off-site database securing them for prosperity. Historical documents, previously locked inside files and accessible to only a few, are now available to anyone at any time and in any place. This dynamically spawns unanticipated uses of the information among new users. And because the high-value documents are converted to digital formats, administrative and filing costs are reduced saving the organization considerable expense.

“We reference our historical records on a daily basis and[E-Docs] allows us to do so in a very efficient manner.” Washington County, Iowa Engineer, David Patterson, uses E-Docs daily and remains pleased with the system. “This project continues to benefit our office. We reference our historical records on a daily basis and [E-Docs] allows us to do so in a very efficient manner.” He also notes, “ASI did a wonderful job in working with us to develop the E-Docs project. They were very helpful in providing implementation assistance and maintenance support.”

You may view the award winning web application, documentation, and related articles by visiting the Aerial Services’ website at To find out how Aerial Services, Inc. can implement E-Docs for your organization, please contact them toll-free at 877-274-4447.

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