Aerial Services Procures Second Leica ADS80-SH82 Pushbroom Sensor To Further Expand Digital Orthoimagery Capacity

Aerial Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of a second Leica ADS80-SH82 aerial camera system to their operations. The company will take delivery of the camera system in late March 2010.

“After more than a year flying Leica’s ADS80, we have been very pleased with the overall experience and superior results produced for our clients,” explained Mike Tully, Aerial Services’ President & CEO. “The new device will help us double our output and allow more clients to use the stunning and accurate imagery possible with the ADS80.”

The ADS80 Airborne Digital Sensor is the profession’s leading “pushbroom” sensor. Rather than acquiring traditional frame based photography, it uses calibrated rows of sensor heads to “scan” the ground in high resolution imagery through a single optical path and capture strips of red, green, blue, and near infrared. This technology, proven by years of use and shown by great results for Aerial Services’ clients in 2009, provides quick acquisition of large areas without the use of “false imagery” tactics like pan-sharpening. The camera system uses Leica’s XPro software to quickly and easily process the imagery into orthophotography. The sensor and XPro are capable of creating the industry’s most positionally accurate orthophotography for large-format aerial cameras.

“There are many large-area acquisitions being petitioned by government and private entities alike; for those interested in such projects, Aerial Services’ dual pushbroom sensors will be a big plus. Not only will we have two devices, we have two ADS80-SH82 (color stereo), the most advanced pushbroom scanner to date. Only a few other firms in the world can make such a claim, and Aerial Services is now one of them,” noted Kirk Fisher, Vice President & CFO.

For more technical details regarding ADS80, you may wish to visit Aerial Services’ blog,
Photo{blog}metry, which has a number of
detailed articles regarding how the ADS works. If you would like to learn more about Aerial Services’ capabilities, including acquiring imagery with the Leica ADS80, please visit their website at
Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI). You may also contact Aerial Services toll-free at 877-274-4447 to discuss project quotations, equipment availability, and other mapping questions.

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Questions or comments may be directed at Aerial Services’ Marketing Manager, Joshua McNary, at or 319-277-0436.

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