Definitive Guide to Unmanned Aerial Systems


  1. Dorego Gualbert 5 years ago

    Very good book and job

  2. pongjarun 5 years ago

    Finally, I found this book.

  3. salvador 5 years ago

    Good book!

  4. Mark tully 3 years ago

    Informative good book

  5. Daniel 3 years ago

    A good book with essential informations. Certainly it will be very useful.

  6. Daniel 3 years ago

    That is very usefull book

  7. Linh 3 years ago

    useful book

  8. verras gray 2 years ago

    Our industry needs experienced leaders like you Mike! I urge most people I meet nowadays to read to your e-books they are on point while giving the reader tangible dialog with a sensory perception in the quality of the equipment, software and visuals but the details in the technology I feel is a boot camp to drones in itself, great writing and you should write the insurance industries aviation CE curriculum – there is none for common insurance agents with no professional designations and that going to be a problem balancing out the drone pilots purchase power if only vetted brokerage houses can secure carrier appointments – by educating our industries and working together allows us a voice to put the right policies in place, to expand insurance coverage’s and create new coverage’s to address the challenges we face in today’s climate. I applaud your work and appreciate the mutual interest and respect we’ve had for each other on Linkedin. Verras

  9. Alexander Gikas 2 years ago

    Very informative book. Great work!

  10. Andi Sudirman 2 years ago

    Very good book

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