Another satisfied visiting pilot to the [Cedar Valley Aviation operated] local airport

After two recent letters to the editor supportive of the Waverly, Iowa airport (here and here), of which Aerial Services subsidiary (Cedar Valley Aviation) is Fixed-Based Operator of, on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 another pilot was published and made supportive comments in the Bremer County Independent newspaper.  Ronald Pankau, President of JH Best Manufacturing of Galva, Illinois noted:

“I was very happy to see a nice airport located very close to Terex and the experience couldn’t have been nicer. The airport operator was very helpful with a courtesy car and directions. It enabled me to conduct my business and save seven valuable hours of driving.

Having an airport in your community is a big plus in being able to have access to your community to promote work and jobs.”

Read the entire letter here (JPEG).

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