“Approaching the Age of Personal Remote Sensing” Earth Imaging Journal Article by Mike Tully

Phantom2Mike Tully, President & CEO, has published an article in Earth Imaging Journal entitled, “Approaching the Age of Personal Remote Sensing”.  The article explores the key developments and future of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). With commercial use of small UAS looming, personal remote sensing by large numbers of individuals and businesses will become routine. The boon of personal remote sensing for business, science, and recreation is hear to stay. Will you be ahead of the pack or with the majority?

[pullquote]”For the geospatial and remote sensing professions, [Drones] represent the most significant onslaught of enabling technology since the first camera took flight 150 years ago. When UAS technology is combined with virtual unrestricted access to the national airspace system (NAS) for anyone and any business—think “personal remote sensing”—the repercussions for our culture and economy will grow by orders of magnitude. The influence of UAS technology will be felt in nearly every major area of commerce.

Assuming policy does not throttle such advances, it is not difficult to envision a reality where virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere could perform remote sensing.”[/pullquote]

You can read the entire article here.

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