Camera Operator & Supervisor Recognized For Going “Above & Beyond”

Camera Operator & Supervisor Recognized For Going “Above & Beyond”
November 16, 2009 Mike Tully

Four times a year Aerial Services’ looks at our team to recognize an individual who shows superior effort in their work over that period. This quarterly activity singles out these individuals, recognizes them, and shares their stories.


At the heart of Aerial Services’ business are our flight operations. Most projects start with an aircraft and camera. Approximately 13 years ago a young man, Jason Dolf, fresh out of high school, donned a flight jacket and fired up an aerial camera for the first time. Jason immediately attacked this sophisticated technology and had soon mastered it. In a few years time, he became one of the world’s top experts on the service and repair of Leica LMK camera systems. Because of his interest and accelerating expertise in computing, he developed a number of innovative procedures to better prepare and execute aerial photography missions.

When Aerial Services decided to purchase the Leica ADS80 digital aerial camera system last fall, it was an easy decision to tag Jason to become our in-house expert. He flew to Switzerland and was trained on its operation and maintenance. True to his nature, he applied himself and spent countless hours testing, breaking, fixing, and using the system. This may be one of the most technically advanced aerial camera platforms flying in the United States, and in this short time, he has become recognized by the Leica Support team as an expert with the system. He routinely diagnoses problems with the system and only needs the Leica support team to confirm his diagnosis.


After purchasing this system, Jason’s work load with the Leica ADS80 and other camera systems grew considerably. Not only did he have to train new camera operators, but he had to prepare for an unprecedented amount of work at Aerial Services for a number of Aerial Services and subcontractor flight crews. Jason has done an amazing job and I personally have benefited from working with him. Jason Dolf has earned this recognition. The professional services provided by Aerial Services are flying higher and smoother today because of his contributions.