Computer Wiz Wins Award For Going “Above & Beyond”

Aerial Services considers our employees our greatest resource and the front-line to our professional services. Aligned with this are our quarterly employee recognition awards. Each quarter employees nominate their peers for special recognition because of their outstanding contributions to company culture and performance in areas like initiative, attitude, and leadership.

Josh Steil, our System’s Administrator and Business Technology Manager, did not know what he was getting into when he signed on in April 2008. Just two months into his tenure, we suffered a major flooding disaster where our entire operations had to be dismantled and rebuilt at a new location. Stranded on an “island” he was seen carrying equipment over his head wadding through waist deep waters in our offices. This was followed closely by evaluating, procuring and deploying seismic changes to our entire infrastructure spurred on by our large investments in digital aerial photography using the Lecia ADS80 digital camera, and our need for greater security. He not only led our evaluation, procurement, and deployment efforts, but managed to synchronously provide phenomenal desktop service to employees throughout the organization. He has repeatedly demonstrated a willingness to work long, irregular hours to ensure the best computing environment and least interference with normal business.

Beneath arm-sized tattoos and a long mohawk haircut is a competent young man bent on being the best he can be. He is always accessible, friendly, competent, and just a great guy to have on the other side of thorny problems that arise using complex geospatial technologies. Congratulations, Josh!

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