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Webmapping Solutions: Technology & Tips
10/23/13, 2PM (Central) – Free

Anna Pestereva / GIS Programmer, Application Developer, & Cartographer (Aerial Services, Inc.)

Anna Pestereva

Aerial Services has been busy developing online mapping solutions for internal and external clients even before “webmapping” became a trend. From proprietary to open source, Aerial Services has done it all. For instance, serving imagery from aircraft acquisition to your computer screen within hours or days, not weeks or months, has been an area of fruitful development. Now, we’d like to share some of our knowledge with you, make some suggestions, and help you with your next webmapping initiative. Joins us as Anna Pestereva, Aerial Services’ GIS Programmer, Application Developer, & Cartographer, shares some of her observations, suggested software packages, and coding tips while showing you a number of Aerial Services webmapping solutions.

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