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As professionals, we are accountable to others for the money we spend to procure geospatial services and data. We need to be well-informed about what we are buying. We need to understand how to determine our stakeholders' needs. Making a map or acquiring a digital terrain model is not the same as hiring someone to service your photocopier or replace your oil filter.

Ensure you are getting the best value

Aerial Services' free eBook (in iBook and PDF formats), the Geospatial Contracting Guide, will help you ensure you are getting the best value from professional services.

In this eBook learn about:

  • The major cost drivers for geospatial projects
  • How to determine which services are needed
  • The difference between "large-scale" and "small-scale" mapping
  • Which environmental factors must be considered
  • Pros & Cons of different solicitation methods
  • How not to waste money on "over-accuracy"

...and much more!

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