“How Do You Determine Accuracy in Mapping?” by Mike Tully in POB Magazine

pob0913_cover_100pxAerial Services’ President & CEO, Mike Tully, article “How Do You Determine Accuracy in Mapping?” is the subject of the cover feature in the September edition of Point of Beginning Magazine. The piece is both in the print edition and posted online for your review. The article reviews a number accuracy issues, topics, and misconceptions. Placed prominently in the longterm professional journal, it shows accuracy concerns remain a hot topic in today’s profession.

[pullquote]”All maps are wrong. Get used to it! Maps are an abstraction of the real world and as such only approximate reality. Each layer of orthos or LiDAR data comprises dozens, if not millions, of measurements about location. Like all measurements, uncertainty is certain. Ortho and LiDAR base maps may not overlay well. They are often created for different purposes. Or the allowable error in each map is different. Important to any geospatial professional is quantifying the error. How close are the coordinates for a feature in the mapping to its actual place on earth? Which map is most accurate?”[/pullquote]

You can read the entirety of the article online at POBonline.com or look for the print edition to be arriving to your mailbox shortly. Don’t forget to let Mike know what you think by contacting him or leaving a comment below!

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