Iowa Statewide Orthoimagery 2009 Nearing Completion

Services, Inc. is proud to have been chosen by their native State of
Iowa to acquire aerial orthophotography of 82 of the 99 counties during

2009, 41 counties were photographed by Aerial Services and their
partners. Full color and color infrared was acquired over the entire
area at 2.0 foot GSD. The planning, acquisition, aerotriangulation, and
orthophoto production of the 2009 project are complete. Final QA/QC at
Aerial Services is in progress. Delivery to the State will follow later
this month.

2010 orthophoto planning process will begin later this fall and winter.
Further, local buy-ups for the 2010 flying season are being accepted
until Spring 2010.

Services would also like to thank the various County staff &
agencies which provided ground control data. This was used to create
more accurate orthophotos and all will benefit from the sharing of this

Read more about the project, buy-ups, see samples, etc….

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