Iowa Statewide Orthoimagery Project 2009 Accuracy Report; Aerial Services’ Work Confirmed Accurate By 3rd Party

Services was pleased to receive news of their full compliance with the
State’s 2009 horizontal accuracy specifications for the Iowa Statewide
Orthoimagery Project, as confirmed by an independent 3rd party in late
January 2010. These results confirmed Aerial Services own internal
QA/QC procedures conducted prior to final delivery in fall of 2009.

of the 41 counties acquired by Aerial Services in 2009 passed the
assessment. Whats more, is a vast majority of these samples indicated
horizontal accuracies well under the 2.98 meter specifications
requested by the State. In thirty-nine (39) of the counties,
derivations were assessed under 2 meters and, of those, thirty (30)
counties’ derivations were under 1.5 meters. Aerial Services also
achieved even higher accuracies three (3) counties, equal to or below
0.98 meters.

Services is proud of the work they do, for their home State and for all
of their clients, and were happy the 2009 Iowa Orthoimagery accuracy
tests surpassed expectations.

Learn more about the Iowa Statewide Orthoimagery Project at

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