Letter Speaks to Aerial Services & Cedar Valley Aviation’s positive influence at Waverly Municipal Airport (C25)

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On Tuesday, January 10, 2012, the Bremer County Independent Newspaper ran a “Letter to the Editor” titled “Businessman appreciates service at Waverly Airport” written by General Aviation pilot Ken Graham of Richelle, Illinois.

In the letter, Mr. Graham noted, “…I had the pleasure of landing at the Waverly Airport,” of which Aerial Services bases its aircraft and subsidiary Cedar Valley Aviation is the fix-based operator on behalf of the city. “I was amazed at the warm (literally) greeting, even though I was ‘just passing through.’ And I was even more delighted to discover the thriving aerial photo business at your airport. I’ve seen such operations before, but never with the twin engine aircraft taking high resolution product from 20,000 feet.  Part of my career was with Royal Dutch Shell. Our explores could have used that capability!”

Later in the article, Mr. Graham went on to note the City’s hopes to extend the existing and add a second runway at the airport. “As I took off from your airport in a cross-wind, the thought occurred that both a wider runway and a cross runway are needed for the twin engine aircraft traffic generated by the aerial photo business.  I’m hopeful your campaign to expand the airport is successful.  The federal Aviation Trust Fund is just for such projects.”

We say “good work” to our staff at the Airport who are doing a great job and making an impact on our community.  Keep it up!

Read the entire article (PDF) or visit the Cedar Valley Aviation page on our website to learn more about their operation at Waverly Airport.

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