LiDAR Analyst

LiDAR Analyst
January 4, 2021 Ryan Kibsgaard

Aerial Services Inc. – A leading geospatial provider for over 50 years is seeking experienced LiDAR personal for their Cedar Falls, IA office. Successful candidate(s) will be highly motivated, self -reliant and have a true passion in the geospatial field.


Role and Responsibility

  • Able to grow and adapt knowledge of software to meet production needs.
  • Maintains a thorough understanding of LiDAR derivate products (classification, hydro flattening, contours, and mapping from LiDAR data).
  • Utilize MicroStation and Terrasolid suite (TerraMatch, TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraSlave) for: refinement of LAS calibration, LAS point cloud classification, manipulation, edit/QC, report generation.
  • Performs classification, feature extraction, mapping from LiDAR point cloud, manual edits, creates and runs filtering macros, and has the experience to assist in the final QA/QC of data deliverables.
  • Is proactive and constantly looking to improve or speed up production processes.
  • Seek out professional development opportunities to expand knowledge in the field, such as workshops, conferences, webinars, and certification.
  • Works closely with LiDAR Manager and the production team.
  • Attends quarterly company meetings.
  • Complete timesheets accurately and submit on Fridays. If weekend hours are worked, those hours may be submitted separately on the day the hours are accrued.
  • Must be prepared to change schedule or work overtime as needed for the successful completion of a project.
  • All time off request shall be submitted as a calendar event to your supervisor. Even though it is a benefit to be able to switch hours around as needed to accommodate personal commitments, these situations should be limited as much as possible and not taken advantage of. These events should also be submitted as a calendar event.
  • Follows company policies.
  • Is willing to help in other areas of production when needed. Will undergo training as needed to complete projects on time.
  • The following are a plus but not required
  • Ability to calibrate raw data
  • Ability to process ABGPS/IMU data
  • Ability to generate reports and metadata
  • Ortho experience
  • 3D Vector Mapping experience

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