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As the world constantly changes around us, the importance of having an accurate, up-to-date survey of our environment and resources has never been greater.  ASI has offered value-based geospatial solutions to the Aerial Acquisition and Orthoimagery profession for over 53 years.  ASI provides a full suite of digital processing and mapping solutions to capture Earth’s ever-changing environment.  Our expert flight crews, imagery specialists and sophisticated camera systems are ready to surpass your expectations.

ASI’s Digital Mapping Solutions

  • LiDAR Processing
  • DEM & DTM Creation
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Planimetric Mapping
  • Contours

Common Applications for ASI’s Digital Mapping Solutions

  • Transportation
  • Energy Utility
  • Solar/Wind
  • Oil & Gas Pipeline
  • Urban Planning
  • Flood Plain
  • Forestry
  • Precision Farming
  • Mining & Aggregate

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A digital elevation model (DEM) represents the elevation of the Earth’s surface, including features such as vegetation, buildings, bridges, etc. A digital terrain model (DTM)n Acquired from airborne laser scanning (ALS), provides a bare earth representation of terrain or surface topography. Both data sets can be highly useful for visualizing our planet for scientific and commercial landscape study.

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Topographic & Planimetric Mapping

A map showing only the horizontal position of features on the Earth’s surface which show geographic objects, natural and cultural physical features, and entities without topographic features such as roads, buildings, and water bodies that are visible and identifiable on aerial photographs, but which can be compiled into map features through photogrammetric or surveying procedures.

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A contour map illustrates the topographical features of an area using contour lines. It is often used to show the heights, slopes and depths of valleys and hills. The space between two consecutive contour lines in a contour map is called as the contour interval which shows the difference in the elevation.

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