Meet & Greet with Aerial Services’ Staff at Events this Fall

[dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]erial Services is looking forward to attending an exhibiting at a number of geospatially related events this Fall conference season and you are invited to join them!  Company representatives will join thousands of attendees at 19 events (and counting) before then end of 2012.

View event schedule at

“Aerial Services loves to get out and meet with real data users, policy makers, and decision makers who make use of our professional services,” explained Chuck Boyer, Director of Business Development at Aerial Services.  “We’ll be learning more about their needs and consulting using our expertise throughout the busy Fall event calendar.”

In addition to Mr. Boyer, Mike Tully (President & CEO), Walter Ertz (Vice President & COO), and Joshua McNary (Marketing Manager) will be the primary staff at this season’s events.  You may contact any of them via this webpage to arrange private demos or consults during the course of the noted events.

[one_fourth][image size=”fourth” sidebar=”on”][/image]Mike Tully[/one_fourth][one_fourth][image size=”fourth” sidebar=”on”][/image]Walter Ertz[/one_fourth][one_fourth][image size=”fourth” sidebar=”on”][/image]Chuck Boyer[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last][image size=”fourth” sidebar=”on”][/image]Joshua McNary[/one_fourth_last]

The entire Fall event list and calendar is now available at  There you can see the events Aerial Services will be attending and exhibiting at, company’s booth number, event expo times, and contact information for on-site representatives.  If you are attending any of these events, be sure to reach out!

View event schedule at

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