Multi-tasking Marketing Manager Keeps Company’s Message In Forefront, While Supporting Various Initiatives

This quarter’s worthy Above & Beyond Employee Award goes to a member of the team who is keeping on top of marketing, business, and emerging geospatial trends, while acting on new projects to help the company grow. Joshua McNary, Aerial Services’ Marketing Manager, makes a difference, and was awarded this quarter’s “Above & Beyond” award on April 27, 2011.

joshweb.jpg“Joshua is always on the cutting edge looking for that next new trend, tip, or tool to better our workplace here at Aerial Services, Inc. He does an expert job on promoting Aerial Services. Our company website is not only fantastic, but it’s extremely interesting. We get a number of unsolicited positive comments from our customers and website viewers every month. Joshua is extremely talented and it shows,” noted Walter Ertz, Vice President & COO.

Joshua’s marketing expertise helps advertise & promote Aerial Services in a fresh, professional manner. He keeps Aerial Service’s on top of branding concerns, corporate and community sponsorships, handles media relations, schedules/coordinates local events and national tradeshows, and provides training to employees. Joshua’s decision-making and problem solving skills have helped others here to shine in their positions as well. “I want to thank him for helping make Aerial Service’s Shine! Keep up the great work,” exclaimed Walter.

While being outgoing and creative, Joshua is a multi-tasker taking his skills beyond strict “marketing” related tasks. For instance, the team appreciates him taking the time to introduce the office staff to skills using “brownbag” lunch seminars like, “managing email” and “learning how to address work priorities”. These help staff learn great tips and tools that emphasize company productivity.

Thanks Joshua! Keep up the good work.

Each quarter Aerial Services’ employees evaluate their peers and nominate those who produce superior results. The activity is intended to identify those individuals, reward them, and share their stories. All this is ultimately done so Aerial Services continues to excel at our business and bring value to our clients.

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