New Website Provides Informational Resources & Access To Aerial Services Experts

[dropcap2]A[/dropcap2]erial Services has launched an updated website taking the best of the old site and incorporating a number of new interactive features. The site is now live at

While the site’s look has drastically changed, Aerial Services’ team also has provided new features which will help any geospatial professional attempting to understand aerial acquisition, digital orthos, vector mapping, and terrain & LiDAR. These include:


The Aerial Services blog has been a resource for great geospatial articles for years, but now has a more approachable look which is easier to read. Further, the search and categorization of materials in the blog have been revamped making access to older pieces even easier. Aerial Services staff will be adding more content to the blog than in the past, providing you with more information about remote-sensing topics.

Ask The Experts

Aerial Services has five Certified Photogrammetrists, three Geographic Information System Professionals (GISP), and over 200 years of geospatial & flight experience. Regular clients know the Aerial Services staff is approachable and more than willing to address your questions and concerns regarding active projects they are working on with you. The new website dovetails off the staff’s expertise to enable any website visitor to “Ask The Experts” questions in regards to acquisition, orthos, mapping, and LiDAR. Fill out the form and ask away, with no obligation. Then the staff will attempt to address your concern in a timely manner. Let us help you!

Connect Via Social Media

Did you know Aerial Services is on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr? Aerial Services’ new site integrates with these services and allows you to quickly connect with them or share interesting features with your networks. Look for the social media connection buttons at the bottom of all the pages or the sharing links at the end of most articles. Connect, share, and stay in touch!

Aerial Services’ new website is a portal to connect with current and potential clients, employees, and friends. Visit and bookmark the site to take advantage of all the useful content it has to offer. Enjoy!


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