Orthoimagery & Aerial Acquisition Solutions

ASI offers premier orthoimagery acquisition and processing services for a wide variety of applications. ASI’s expert flight crews, imagery specialists and aerial camera systems are ready to surpass your expectations. Our team of Certified Photogrammetrists create quality orthophotos with assured spatial accuracies. ASI follows an extensive quality control methodology to ensure your orthos are done right!

Common Applications for ASI's Orthoimagery Acquisition and Processing:

  • Urban Planning and Zoning
  • 3D Modeling
  • Engineering Design
  • Image Analysis
  • Design Scale Mapping
  • Annual base map update
  • Planimetric feature extraction
  • Precision farming / Crop Study
  • Asset Management

Common Resolutions



Check out this Railway fly through!  The video was produced using 3 inch orthorectified imagery draped over bare earth LiDAR DEM

Orthorectification is a process that corrects for geometric distortion inherent in airborne imagery to produce a map-accurate orthoimage. Orthoimages can then be edgematched and color balanced to produce a seamless orthomosaic over large areas. This orthomosaic is accurate to a specified map scale accuracy and can be used to make measurements as well as generate and update GIS feature class layers. ASI’s fleet of imagery sensor include calibrated metric frame-based and push-broom sensors with optimum versatility to provide superior accurate outputs

For more information on ASI’s Orthoimagery acquisition and processing capabilities give us a call at 1(319)277-0436 or send us an email.

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