Orthorectified 1/2′ Resolution Photos Of Eastern Iowa Flooding Near Crest

Cedar Falls, Iowa, July 2008 – Aerial Services flew missions to acquire aerial photography as all major cities in Eastern Iowa were near or just past their highest levels. All photography was acquired at 1/2′ resolution from 6,000′ above ground level. The orthophotography is georeferenced to Iowa State Plane North (US Feet) and was rectified using USGS NEDs.

Intersection of Interstate 380 & 1st Avenue in Cedar Rapids, just west of the Cedar River.

Now that everyone is able to take a breath (including Aerial Services, their office was destroyed in the flood), the company wanted to extend the offer to clients to acquire the flood imagery at reasonable rates. This photography may help area interests evaluate and analyze the flood of 2008, while planning for future events. All areas are now available in various digital packages.

Coverages & Dates
Efforts were made to acquire the major flood zones near or just past their river crests. All areas were acquired at 1/2′ resolution. Please see the table below regarding areas of interest to you.

City Crest Date Photography Date
Cedar Falls 6/11/08 6/10/08
Waterloo 6/11/08 6/10/08
Vinton 6/12/08 6/15/08
Cedar Rapids 6/13/08 6/15/08
Iowa City 6/15/08 6/14/08

Cedar Falls & Waterloo Areas (Larger)

Cedar Rapids & Vinton Areas (Larger)

Iowa City Area (Larger)

Want To Learn More?
If you, your organization or municipality, or constituents are interested in obtaining this photography, you are encourage to contact Aerial Services for additional details and pricing for the areas of interest.

Aerial Services, its employees, and partners wish you and all of our friends in Eastern Iowa the very best as we begin to recover from the floods of 2008.

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