Productive Mapping Wizard Awarded For Project & Management Success

On February 2, 2012, Jake Drennan, Aerial Services’ Vector Mapping Supervisor, was recognized for his “Awesome Job On Projects, Juggling Projects, Managing Employees, & Being Good To Work With” as part of the company’s Above & Beyond Employee Recognition Program.

Jake has been part of the organization since 2002, and has developed into an important asset to Aerial Services.  He currently processes imagery, handles vector mapping tasks, is a project manager, supervises conventional film scanning, and conducts selection and placement of survey monuments in field.

A peer nomination leading to Jake’s award denotes some of his strengths:

“Near the end of [an important] project he came in early and stayed late, trained [employees] who have excelled … Through all of this he also kept up with his regular tasks, managed mapping projects and even planned an awesome Christmas party, again! He helps others whenever they need him, be that changing a light bulb, lifting a heavy box, or giving advice. Jake has always been a pleasure to work with and all of the [part-time] staff he had working for him are dying to come back as soon as we need them. … This is mostly due to how great of a boss/manager Jake has been and he deserves a pat on the back.”

The leadership at Aerial Services also knows how Jake has made a difference. “Jake has for years produced quality mapping and scanning work. He has become a resident production expert on these topics. In more recent years, his management and training skills have allowed for others to learn from his experience and made the company even better,” explained Walter Ertz, Vice President & COO. “I’ve enjoyed watching Jake grow as an employee and can trust him to do a great job leading the ortho and mapping projects our clients request of us.”

Jake certainly deserves this award and we ask you to please join us in thanking him for his commitment to making Aerial Services and their clients’ projects successful.  Congratulations Jake!


The Above & Beyond Award allows Aerial Services’ employees to evaluate their peers and nominate those who produce superior results. The activity is intended to identify those individuals, reward them, and share their stories. All this is ultimately done so Aerial Services continues to excel at our business and bring value to our clients.

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