Program Manager Goes Above & Beyond to Train Others

Jake DrennanProgram Management Officer (PMO), Jake Drennan, was awarded Aerial Services’ Above & Beyond Award on April 25, 2014, for his “Commitment to Train Others”.

Jake administers a number of important tasks and manages staff within the production department. He excels at mentoring and building up the skill sets of others, even those not reporting to himself. [pullquote]As one fellow employee noted, “For him to take the time out of his busy schedule to help make me better at my job, when it isn’t even his responsibility, speaks volumes of his character and his commitment to the company. I can honestly say, I would not understand what I do today if it wasn’t for Jake!”[/pullquote] Jake explains topics in detail on a level which is understandable to the employee. He ensures other staff members are better at their jobs by passing on his knowledge. Another fellow employee noted, “He is simply the best!” When asked to describe Jake, staff raise his knowledge of the industry and our services, attention to detail, patient demeanor, and ability to always explain the ‘why’ behind an answer.

This is the 2nd time Jake has received this prestigious award. We ask you to please join us in thanking him for his commitment to Aerial Services and our clients’. Congratulations Jake!

Honorable Mentions

Three other Aerial Services’ employees were also nominated for this award and deserve an honorable mention…

Garrett Ramthun:

Garrett RamthunHe is willing to fill in where needed by performing a variety of work.  Garrett has been a great “utility” player jumping around as needed and even traveling for flight missions.  He is very helpful and accommodating with energy and a positive attitude.

Charlene Curtis:

Charlene CurtisCharlene has dedicated much of the winter to training a majority of the production staff and is always willing to stop and help someone or answer a difficult question. She wears patience all the while taming the flurry of tasks around her.

Angi Prunty:

Angi PruntyAngi is a long-time employee and paramount team player. Her drive to now sell and help grow Aerial Services into a more successful company extends her already infectious contributions to the entire Aerial Services team.

The Above & Beyond Award allows Aerial Services’ employees to evaluate their peers and nominate those who produce superior results. The activity is intended to identify those individuals, reward them, and share their stories. All this is ultimately done so Aerial Services continues to excel at our business and bring value to our clients by helping them engage their world in meaningful ways.

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