Scanning & Mapping Tech Granted Quarterly Employee Award For Second Time In 2010

Each quarter Aerial Services’ employees evaluate their peers and nominate those who produce superior results. The activity is intended to identify those individuals, reward them, and share their stories. All this is ultimately done so Aerial Services continues to excel at our business and bring value to our clients.


Charlene Curtis, Aerial Services’ Scanning/Mapping Technician, was again awarded this quarter’s “Above & Beyond” award, this time on on October 6, 2010.  She was bestowed this honor for her “Exemplary Work On NAIP 2010 Production, Work Ethic, & Excellent Quality Of Work”.  This quarter’s presentation was especially noteworthy since Charlene also received the “Above & Beyond” two quarters ago for her “Hard Work, Dedication, Taking On New Roles, & Eagerness To Learn”.

“Charlene is an important employee at Aerial Services.  Even though she has only been with the company for just over two years, her fine work makes a number of projects run smoother, delivered at a high quality, and serve our clients beyond their expectations,” noted Mike Tully, Aerial Services’ President & CEO.

Multiple peers nominated Charlene for a second award in a six month period because they realize the value of her work.  One of these fellow employees said, “Charlene is ASI’s go-to person for nearly every production need, and her services are highly sought after in the office, because everyone knows you will get the best from her.”  Other comments included, “She is routinely given more and different tasks and gets them done well and efficiently” and “…not only is she working a lot of hours, but the quality of work she puts out is excellent, and it is always done in a timely manner.”

Ms. Curtis’ admirable work was seen specifically on the recent United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP), of which Aerial Services has served as a prime contractors for nearly a decade.  This summer, with two statewide coverages (Iowa & Minnesota) to complete, Charlene’s work ethic helped the company get the projects done.  She rescheduled her days to work in the afternoon and evening (instead of the typical daytime hours), took on new managerial roles of part-time employees during said hours, and all this while continuing to output her own tasks at an above average quality.  “She obviously cares for this company a lot, and cares about the NAIP team’s performance and has been doing everything in her power to help us meet the deadlines,” noted one peer nomination.

For the second time this year, we ask you to join Aerial Services in congratulating Charlene Curtis on her being denoted for the company’s “Above & Beyond” award. Charlene, congratulations!

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