Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil, Gas Pump

Aerial Services has been delivering turn-key geospatial solutions for nearly 50 years. We use reliable remote sensing technologies that allow delivery of optimal geospatial pipeline solutions that align well with their intended use. Our clients benefit from high Return on Investment (ROI) using our experience and tools built upon technologies that facilitate “collect once/use many times” throughout your organization. We provide safe, accurate and economical pipeline survey data with little or no impact on the environment.  We will work with your team of experts to understand their project specifications and budget and schedule realities.

Download the Oil & Gas Flyer (PDF)

Oil & Gas Solutions Components Include: 

• High Consequence Areas
• Magnetometer
• Asset Management
• Sub-Surface Technologies
• GeoData Fusion
• Depth of Cover Analysis
• Thermal Imaging
• Centerlines
• Visualizations
• Aerial Photography & LiDAR
• eDelivery Systems