Origin & Growth

The company’s original stockholders were Robert F. Walden, Richard Walden, Fred Debe, and J.R. Holmes, all residents of Waterloo, Iowa. The business was initially located at 222 Waterloo Building in Waterloo, Iowa but moved to 4302 University Ave. in Cedar Falls, Iowa in September of 1968.

In 1974, all shares were purchased by acting General Manager of the corporation, Paul G. Allee (Mr. Allee’s daughter still works for the company). In September of 1976, the corporation moved to its location at 2120 Center Street in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  During this period the company’s work become more advanced and laid the ground for the company we know today.

Gary G. Brown purchased the company in 1988. Aerial Services had employed Mr. Brown as an assistant manager since 1983. Under his guidance, the company’s work grew. In 1995, the building expanded to accommodate a darkroom and the expanding staff.

During this time, new computer production tools helped the company become an important player in the geospatial progression nationally.  This was helped by Mr. Brown being a recognizable national advocate for Aerial Services.



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