Planimetric & Topographic Mapping

Planimetric Mapping


A map showing only the horizontal position of features on the Earth’s surface which show geographic objects, natural and cultural physical features, and entities without topographic features such as roads, buildings, and water bodies that are visible and identifiable on aerial photographs, but which can be compiled into map features through photogrammetric or surveying procedures.

Common features found in ASI’s Planimetric maps:

  • Streets & Curbs
  • Sidewalks
  • Parking Lots
  • Alleys
  • Building footprints
  • Overpasses
  • Railway
  • Docks, Piers
  • Vegetation
  • Utility lines
  • Lakes, Rivers, and Streams
  • Other Impervious surfaces

Topographic Mapping

Topographic maps depict the 3D shape of the Earth’s surface with contour lines at specific elevation intervals to display the shape of terrain (or relief) for both natural and man-made features.

Common applications for ASI’s Topographic Mapping:

  • Mining & Aggregate
  • Urban Planning
  • Land and Resource Management

For more information on ASI's Planimetric & Topographic mapping products give us a call at 1(319)277-0436 or email us.

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