Precision Farming Solutions

Precision Farming Solutions

Aerial Services has offered value-based geospatial solutions to the Precision Agriculture profession for nearly 50 years. The solutions are focused on improving yield. Period.

We have assembled best-in-class remote sensing and geospatial technologies to give you and your crop consultants an accurate picture of your crops as frequently as needed. Combined with our web delivery services, the latest imagery, and NDVIs of your crops, can be assessed in the field or office within 48 hours after flight. When NDVIs are combined with 3D elevation the health of your crops are cleary understood and the problems caused by mechanical or other means are clearly seen. We provide maps delineating the health of crop areas within each field.

Download the Precision Farming Flyer (PDF)

Precision Farming Solution Components Include: 

• Cut & Fill, Slope & Erosion Calculations
• GIS Engineering
• GeoData Fusion
• Environmental Studies
• Vegetation Analysis, 3D NDVI, and Aerial Imagery InfraRed Camera tech-nologies ideal for agriculture
• Aerial Photography & LiDAR
• Thermal Imaging
• Unmanned Aircraft Sensing
• Web Services; See your crops and NDVI on your cell phone or tablet