Transportation Solutions

Road - LiDAR

Aerial Services provides safe and accurate turnkey geospatial solutions to create engineering grade maps for the Transportation industry. Our transportation experience is composed of all forms, including airports, roads, railway systems, and ports. Our precision mapping products empower clients to organize and execute planning of excavation, grading, bridge building, paving and rail systems.  The information we provide not only assists in the design phase,  but also provides the spatial input for  its Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Our data provides an accurate as-designed versus as-built study. Our solutions are based on 50 years of photogrammetric mapping experience and proven geospatial solutions. Before a project begins our team of experts meet with the customer to actively listen to every specific issue which ensures proper planning and execution.

Download the Transportation Flyer (PDF)

Transportation Solutions Components Include: 

• Roadway & DOT Solutions
• Railways
• Airport Studies & Clearance Surveys
• Ports
• Cut & Fill, Slope & Erosion Calculations
• Airborne & Mobile LiDAR Solutions
• Aerial & Ortho Imagery
• Engineering & GIS Integration
• GeoData Fusion
• Asset Management
• eDelivery Systems
• Visualizations