Spar Point Group profiles Aerial Services’ “increase [in] LiDAR presence”

Aerial Services friends at Spar Point Group, which investigates and reports on 3D scanning, imaging and position capture technologies, posted an informative article (by Sam Pfeifle) on Aerial Services’ LiDAR plans, including a discussion with the new Director of Business Development, Chuck Boyer, and information regarding the purchase of Aerial Services’ RIGEL VQ-480, both announced in January 2012.

The piece has many good nuggets, including:

“The next progression is lidar,” said Chuck Boyer, who’s been brought on board as director of business development, tasked with heading up a new location in the Houston area and driving new lidar collection business. Chuck has a new toy to play with, too: Aerial Services acquired this month a Riegl VQ-480, which allows the company to more aggressively pursue corridor mapping, transmission line inspection, and mining applications, among many others. Though the company has been collecting lidar data for almost a decade, this gives Aerial Services much greater flexibility…”

Read the entire piece on Spar Point Group’s website, and thanks to Sam and the gang at Spar for doing the article.

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