Spatial Diversions – August 2010 Links

Lighter Side Of The Geospatial Profession – Fun, informative, and cool maps.

  • Map Lampshades – A customer emailed a lamp makers to ask if she would make one of my half-lamps using a map. Now you can order an illuminated map!
  • Researchers Warn of Image/Tweet Geotagging Dangers – Are You Concerned? – Today’s mobile devices and their accompanying applications tap into the phone’s GPS or use Wi-Fi triangulation to append geotags, or locational information, to the items recorded with the phone, whether that’s an update posted to Twitter, a photo uploaded to Flickr or a video sent to YouTube.
  • Seats3D – Birds-eye-view maps of stadiums, theaters, and other venues are helpful, but they don’t really show you what the field or stage looks like from the seat you’re buying. Seats3D shows you what the venue looks like right from your seat. (via
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