Spatial Diversions – June Links

Lighter Side Of The Geospatial Industry
informative, and cool maps. See who is most free, what pattern US
streets make, or if you have any troublemakers living nearby.

  • World Freedom Atlas
    – Geovisualization for world freedom stats. It was designed for people
    to have a better understanding of political and freedom issues.
  • Streets Only Map
    – All of the streets in the lower 48 United States: an image of 26
    million individual road segments. No other features (such as outlines
    or geographic features) have been added to this image, however they
    emerge as roads avoid mountains, and sparse areas convey low
  • Felon Spy
    – Felon search technology mines data from across the nation, from the
    web and otherwise, and combines it into a single, easy to use
    interface. Whether you’re checking up on your own neighbors or trying
    to find out if that hotel you’ve been eyeing is in a safe place, they
    can help.
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