SpatialCloud (An Aerial Services’ Subsidiary) Launches Geospatial Imagery Beta, Including Nationwide USA (NAIP) Dataset

Have you considered internet cloud-based approach to your geospatial applications, data, and services? Have you heard of If you read about its launch in April 2010, did you realize it was backed by your friends at Aerial Services?

In April of 2010,, an Aerial Services’ subsidiary, announced launch of its “Geospatial Imagery Hosting & Streaming Beta, Including Non-Restrictive Pay-As-You-Go Nationwide USA (NAIP) Dataset.” This new service, born out of the expertise and vision of the Aerial Services’ team, is now available for review during the site’s beta stage.

You may be asking, what is SpatialCloud exactly? is a geospatial services company providing enterprise-ready web-based tools to warehouse (host), process, publish, and visualize geodata using cloud infrastructure. The intention is to provide infrastructure and shared geospatial datastore to build a geospatial marketplace never before seen.


The project began in 2008 and was initiated by Aerial Services, Inc. alongside visionary Mark Korver, who now serves as SpatialCloud’s CTO. “We saw the project as an opportunity to leverage our decades of experience working with aerial imagery and deploy it using new technology available in the Cloud,” stated Mike Tully, Aerial Services (& SpatialCloud) President & CEO. He continued, “we see the services SpatialCloud provides as a natural progression for aerial providers and geospatial clients who want a scalable, affordable, secure, and forward thinking approach to storing and distributing large imagery datasets.”

SpatialCloud branded imagery sets allow users to deploy or resell that “satellite” map view made famous by others, within their own corporate application, public website, or desktop without heavy licensing restrictions. Combined with vector datasets and client software, users can deploy large-scale applications with integrated maps using the Data-As-A-Service (DAAS) model. The company’s goal is to give the world access to high-resolution imagery on a global scale – imagery which can be sold and resold as needed. Eventually, users will be able to use SpatialCloud data to create new data with added value and resell that via the same SpatialCloud infrastructure.

In addition to SpatialCloud sponsored datasets, anyone with imagery can deploy their data at and expose it to the world marketplace or keep it private for internal use. “Why host massive datastores locally when you can do so cheaper, more efficiently, and give yourself more flexibility via the cloud,” noted Joshua McNary, Aerial Services (& SpatialCloud) Marketing Manager, “the point is getting work done, not managing servers.”

What makes the offering especially different is it is a pay-as-you-go service that doesn’t restrict users from on-selling data to end-users. SpatialCloud charges only for data transfer and use, while also providing log data showing customer activity. This is all accomplished interfacing with Amazon Web Services, a robust cloud infrastructure leveraged by SpatialCloud’s team.

For more details regarding, SpatialCloud NAIP, custom hosting, or future service offerings, please visit To try the service, register for an account and subscribe. If you run into questions, be sure to visit the site’s “Support” page for assistance.

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