NAIP USA Dataset Nears Completion

In April of 2010, Aerial Services’ subsidiary, released their beta website and initial data-streaming service (SpatialCloud NAIP). SpatialCloud web services enables application developers and content providers to upload, process, store, and distribute 2D & 3D geodata for their own use or resale. Since that time, this web-based team has continued to process and expose many terabytes of tiled data (OGC WMTS format) for anyone whom needs access to high quality orthoimagery of the United States. SpatialCloud is actively seeking quality source data from other data providers across the planet to build a rich source of quality imagery that can meet the most demanding needs of today’s users and spatial applications.


SpatialCloud’s progress on the SpatialCloud NAIP dataset has been steady with over half of the country now available for client use.

Mike Tully, Aerial Services’ President & CEO/SpatialCloud’s President, notes that “using the power of the web and cloud technologies, SpatialCloud continues to lay a pixel carpet across America that empowers data providers and web application developers to meet the needs of their clients for an immediate and quality basemap. We are doing something new here, even ‘game-changing’, by leveraging massively scalable cloud computing to develop 2D and 3D imagery data sets, then use the same technology to expose the data to any number of clients at an affordable price and in a flexible way.”

SpatialCloud’s pay-as-you-go pricing is based on data throughput for image streaming and storage-size for hosted data. SpatialCloud branded content, such as SpatialCloud NAIP, is licensed with flexible data use policies such as Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license terms. This means you don’t have to worry about how you are using your data, but can focus on giving your users the best mapping experience possible.

Mike continued, “In the future, clients will also be able to leverage our processing algorithms to prepare, upload, and market their own custom data into SpatialCloud.”

Currently, data providers provide their data to SpatialCloud, which then prepares the data for distribution as a tiled mapping service.  It is then exposed on for private use and/or for resell to any vertical market. Data providers hosting and reselling their data on SpatialCloud are free to use whatever type of licensing terms they think is needed to meet their requirements.

Talks have also continued with a number of content providers, setting the groundwork for expanding availability to more high-quality datasets in the near future. While specifics are too early to release, providers are interested in utilizing SpatialCloud so clients can use their data stores. “Data providers understand that with the expansion of web-based mapping, mobile device usage, and geospatial content, the strategic advantages available via the cloud make a lot of sense,” stated Mike. “We hope to announce new datasets are being progressed and exposed for use in the near future.”

For more details regarding, SpatialCloud NAIP, custom hosting, or future service offerings, please visit To try the service, register for an account and subscribe. If you run into questions, be sure to visit the site’s “Support” page for assistance.

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