Special Employee Recognition: Dale Guimond, Director of Maintenance

At a meeting on 11/22/2011, Brian Curtis (Flight Operations & Airport Manager) made a brief presentation during which he verbally recognized Dale Guimond, Director of Maintenance, for his contributions to Aerial Services/Cedar Valley Aviation. Brian’s statement is summarized below:

“Aerial Services Inc. would like to express sincerest gratitude to Chief Mechanic Dale Guimond. Dale’s position requires that he accept responsibility for servicing, maintaining, and repairing all Aerial Services and Cedar Valley Aviation aircraft. To date, Dale has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to assuring all Aerial Services/Cedar Valley Aviation aircraft are airworthy, compliant, and safe while his contributions to the improvement of Cedar Valley Aviation’s reputation as a trustworthy and capable FBO have helped to increase Cedar Valley Aviation business. Additionally, Dale willingly shares his extensive knowledge and expertise with anyone or everyone who expresses an interest in aviation.”

We certainly appreciate Dale’s presence and contributions as a member of the Aerial Services team. He is an example of what makes Aerial Services a great company to work for and work with. Thanks Dale, you deserve this special recognition.

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