Subsidiary SpatialCloud featured on Directions Magazine’s Podcast “Hallway Conversations”


Podcast: A Hallway Conversation with SpatialCloud’s Mark Korver and Joshua McNary

sc_logo_sm1.pngAre you trying to make sense of the cloud and what it has to offer?
SpatialCould is one of the players that wants to help you out.
Executive Editor Adena Schutzberg spoke to Mark Korver, CTO and Joshua
McNary, marketing manager about the company’s flexible commercial Web
services now in beta.

Take a listen and learn more about SpatialCloud and using the web for geospatial applications.  You can also read more about SpatialCloud on our post titled “SpatialCloud (An Aerial Services’ Subsidiary) Launches Geospatial Imagery Beta, Including Nationwide USA (NAIP) Dataset”

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