Glossary of Cyber Security Terms

Personal Internet Security

Editor’s Note: the 3-part article on Personal Internet Security for Geospatial Professionals originally (2017) referenced this glossary. Adware What it means: Adware is an annoying form of malware that bombards you with ads when you go online, or use certain programs on your device. Why it matters: Mostly, adware is just a nuisance. However, certain forms […]

Q&A: Remote Sensing & Mapping Drones

Surveyors are enjoying an added benefit of drones: survey grade accuracies from the air. These drone systems achieve superior efficiencies in the field for surveyors and lower costs for clients. Surveyors are increasingly adding drones to their arsenal of tools because of their growing utility.

Drones … There I said it!

“Drone”. It’s beautiful. It rolls off the tongue easily. It’s easy to spell. It has a long, storied history with our culture from science fiction and movies. It’s like Kodak. Memorable. Easy to remember. Impossible to misspell.