“The Rise of the [Geospatial] Machines: The Future with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)” by CEO Mike Tully featured by Sensors & Systems

Mike Tully
Mike Tully

In part one of a forthcoming three part series, Aerial Services’ President & CEO Mike Tully addresses “The Rise of the [Geospatial] Machines: The Future with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)”.  The entire series will be featured by Sensors & Systems (published by Matt Ball of Vector1 Media) over the course of the coming weeks.

In part one, Mr. Tully considers the current holdup in UAS regulations in the USA, potential economic implications of UAS, expected UAS waves of adoption, UAS in light of Amara’s Law, and how flying sensing robots are to change geospatial. Here is a snippet:
[pullquote]“Both autonomously-controlled and remotely piloted UAS promise to have broad implications for our society, the economy, and for existing remote sensing businesses. Over the last several years we have seen tremendous applications of UAS around the world that promise to benefit society. They are being used responsibly in precision agriculture; search and rescue; and for surveilling wildlife; hazardous environments like forest fires, nuclear reactors, armed men. These are low hanging fruit for this technology, the tip of the iceberg of future commercial applications.”[/pullquote]
In part two of this series, specific new sensing technologies will be examined and their influence on the future landscape inferred. The relevance and meaning of threats from regulation and public fears will be discussed. Part three will discuss some of the amazing opportunities that may arrive in the next 5-10 years promising to transform a multi-billion dollar segment of our economy and much of the geospatial markets.

You can read the entire article “The Rise of the [Geospatial] Machines: The Future with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)” at Sensors & Systems.

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Part 2: Business and Privacy

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