Understanding Drones and the Business of Remote Sensing: Free Ebook

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Aerial Services recently released our second free eBook called “The Definitive Guide: Unmanned Aerial Systems & Remote Sensing” by Mike Tully. A few months ago we released the “Geospatial Contracting Guide”, our first ebook with substantive information about the business and technology of remote sensing. Over time we hope to release more ebooks that will help bring to the public and non-expert a deeper understanding of remote sensing and make this science and profession more accessible.

This second ebook, available as a PDF or in Apple IBook formats, discusses both the business, public policy and Jetsonian technology of drones and how their disruption of the business of remote sensing may occur. For the first time in history, anyone will have inexpensive powerful mapping machines at their beckon call. Powerful software and cloud services will enable rapid, easy access to all the common mapping products we labor so hard to create today: orthophotography, digital elevation models, relief mapping, and much more. Remote sensing will become unrelenting and ubiquitous in our personal lives and businesses. A whole host of social issues will effervesce and need to be addressed. This ebook attempts to help the reader understand these issues.

If you have not read this yet, you can download a free copy here.

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