Mike Tully, CEO of Aerial Services Inc., was presented with the MAPPS President’s Award by the MAPPS President Susan Marlow (Stantec, Nashville, TN). This marks the 7th consecutive year Mike has been the recipient of the award.  Mike’s dedication and service as the Program Committee Chairman was recognized by the President of MAPPS.  Although Mike is grateful for the recognition, he acknowledges that successful programs at the twice annual MAPPS conferences are possible only with the help of many other dedicated team members. “I work with many individuals and MAPPS committees to strategize, recruit and schedule presenters. We all work hard to develop sessions and courses with rich, worthwhile content. It is important that MAPPS members and their staffs experience these as highly beneficial for their personal growth and for their businesses.” Mike continues, “Much of the MAPPS membership is comprised of small like Aerial Services Inc. We want our members to learn as much as they can about business and technology so they enjoy successful relevance within the markets they serve.”

Work has already begun on the January 2018 MAPPS Winter meeting in Kissimmee, FL. MAPPS will once again present a track for business owners and senior managers that contains important content about business and technology. As in the winter 2017 meetings, this year’s winter meeting will feature curriculum and a second program track specifically targeting “Emerging Leaders”.  The purpose of this curriculum is to assist younger managers within member firms to learn important skills they can immediately apply to their firms.  MAPPS members have recognized the need for an excellent resource in acquiring meaningful guidance on leadership, ethics, business management, and project management all tailored for the geospatial businesses that member firms are engaged.

About MAPPS. MAPPS is the only national association of firms in the surveying, spatial data and geographic information systems field in the United States. MAPPS member firms are engaged in surveying, photogrammetry, satellite and airborne remote sensing, aerial photography, hydrography, aerial and satellite image processing, GPS and GIS data collection and conversion services.  ssociate members include firms that provide products and services to our member firms, as well as other firms world-wide. Download the informative MAPPS brochure here.