As-Built & Pre-Design Mapping

Fiber optic and telecommunication engineers need high quality and up-to-date mapping of feature conditions to inform corridor design work, and we have the niche expertise to provide this data quickly. We provided mapping of planimetric features for pre-design and post-construction basemaps. Our basemaps are used by Fiber Optic, Telecommunications, and Engineering disciplines. ASI’s utility mapping experts have performed hundreds of jobs nationwide, from mapping of business park-level node sites to fiber optic backbone corridors stretching thousands of miles.

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Common Applications for our As-built & Pre-Design Mapping

  • Micro cell towers
  • Small cell sites
  • Fiber optic installation planning
  • Backbone routes/Spurs
  • Outside plant engineering
  • Inside plant engineering
  • Perform as-built surveys
  • Right-of-way surveys
  • Landbase
  • Telecommunications
  • Business park mapping
  • Urban development & planning

The ASI Difference

Existing surface features mapped with high accuracy

Asset features mapped include dimensions, locations, categories, and more—highly reusable data

CADD deliverables include symbology and layering of land features for integration with GIS platforms

Cartographic experience lends to outputs that add to the aesthetic appeal of engineered drawings

Our work supports the efforts of the recently passed Federal Rescue Plan Act (FRPA) which, in part, aims to connect rural communities to broadband fiber optic networks.

pre design node wr

Node Mapping

ASI produces detailed drawings of specific sites, such as the location of a microcell tower.  Linear and point features are collected to provide more specific feature information for easy field identification.

pre design site wr

Site Mapping

ASI produces mapping data for specific address locations such as a place of business. Features include as-built drawings showing existing infrastructure , node locations to any existing backbone, etc.

pre design small cell wr

Small Cell Mapping

Small cell towers, used for boosting cellular connections, are popping up in communities nationwide.  We provide mapping & GIS solutions to assist communities in mapping and monitoring the devices. 


We provide detailed basemaps within a flexible framework that can be customized to fit a variety of CAD and GIS systems. A base map helps people visualize the effects between the physical characteristics of a particular geographical area and can facilitate a multitude of applications such as urban development, above or below ground utilities, broadband, and more. Layer up our basemaps with whatever fits your needs.

Corridor - Backbone & Spur Route Mapping

Mapping of existing features for corridor projects of all lengths and widths. Linear features have a distinct layer for identification and point features containing client-specific symbology and layer coding.