Corridor Solutions

To meet the challenges of providing clean, safe, and reliable, energy to markets with growing demands, it’s critical for utility companies to survey and maintain existing utility infrastructure while also planning to meet future demands. ASI provides aerial surveying and turn-key mapping solutions for both pre-construction planning and existing infrastructure monitoring. 

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Why Choose ASI for your next Corridor Project

Multiple Collection Methods

Fixed-wing, Helicopter, UAS
We offer a variety of collection methods to cost-effectively collect and process imagery for projects of all sizes and scopes, nationwide.

Turn-Key Solutions

More than imagery acquisition
We offer a multitude of mapping solutions after imagery collection such as Sag and tension studies, vegetation analysis (NDVI), planimetric & topographic mapping, contours, classification, and more.

Certified Professionals with experience

Our team has processed thousands of corridor miles across the country producing lidar, imagery, and mapping derivatives to assist utility engineers

3 Data Sets - One flight

We maximize our time in the air by collecting multiple data sets with one pass saving our clients time and money


  • Installed on a helicopter
  • Dual Collection with a Riegl lidar system & PhaseOne Camera
  • DSLR metric camera imagery with geotagged 4k video which can automatically target power line ROW’s, poles, and towers
  • Black Magic Geotagged 4k Video (Front/Rear)
  • Auto correct for horizon changes

Corridor Collection Methods (Imagery, Lidar, & Video)




To provide network engineers and stakeholders the right information at the right time, ASI utilizes the latest acquisition technology and processing software for modeling overhead lines, structures, terrain, vegetation features, and more.

Providers of reliable electric utilities choose ASI for our vegetation analysis solutions. We save network stakeholders money by identifying hazardous limbs and enabling proactive maintenance.