ASI Stories: The Success of Our Clients

ASI Stories: The Success of Our Clients
May 4, 2015 Amanda Hoppes

Our client’s success is key!

Aerial Services strives to make our clients successful and totally satisfied with our services. We want to give them an awesome experience with our geospatial solutions so when the project is completed, they know that selecting ASI was the best choice and they become a repeat customer in the future.

Recently, one of our client’s experienced this customer service firsthand. There were some discrepancies of orthophotograph colors being rendered on their monitors verses Aerial Services’ monitors. They were unaware that different monitors often do not display colors precisely the same. After the client voiced their concerns, our Geospatial Solutions Manager and CEO made the decision to visit the customer’s office and show them how various monitors display identical images differently. Once ASI calibrated the monitors onsite the client was astonished at the differences! They said that no other geospatial company with whom they had ever contracted had told them about such differences, much less traveled to their office and demonstrated the process right in their offices.

Aerial Services takes their client’s success very seriously. One of our Company Values is to be customer focused. We try to keep our clients fully informed about exactly what is going on at all times during their project and avoid any unnecessary frustrations or conflicts. Our constant focus is to deliver 100% satisfaction for the work we perform.